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Passage DEM - Discrete Element Method

CAE Expertise in Alternators, Generators and Electric Motor Design

Technalysis has many years of  experience in designing electric motors, generators & alternators.  Passage®/Flow and Sysflow have been further developed to support these activities and their capabilities have been proven. Combined approach of system and component analysis together with experimental measurements is an essential and powerful tool for electric motor and generator design.
Specific experience areas includes system and component analysis and design improvement of the following equipment and its components:

  • Electric motors
  • Generators
  • Alternators

Electric Motor and Alternator Design Software

PASSAGE® software is a proven predictor of flow performance in alternators and electric motors. The flow characteristics of the fan are established. Results are described in terms of velocity and pressure distributions within the rotating blade passages, and blade loading diagrams. The results from 3-D flow models of the cooling fan are analyzed to determine the impact that blade geometry has on the noise and flow capacity.

The flow and heat transfer characteristics of the motor or alternator are established using a system flow and heat transfer model of the assembly.  The objectives are to understand the flow and thermal interactions while operating and to define changes that affect winding and diode temperatures. The design parameters analyzed include fan capacity, velocity distribution at fan discharge and around the windings, or diodes winding surface area, inlet and exit locations, clearances and stator surface area and mass.  The combined performance of the cooling fan and the flow/heat transfer management within the assembly are studied.  Technalysis also provides electromagnetic simulation capabilities for evaluating pole shape effects on noise generation.

Technalysis furnishes design services to meet the objectives of your next motor or alternator requirement by:

  • Evaluating current cooling performance
  • Establishing cooling flow modifications for performance improvement:
  1. increased cooling capacity
  2. improved efficiency
  3. reduced fan noise
  4. better heat management

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Custom Software

Technalysis offers software customizations of all Passage Software to meet specific customer needs. Contact Technalysis to discuss your needs.
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Passage®/ DEM+FLOW Software

Example: Fluidized Bed Granulation of Tablets
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Example: Printing of Toners- Development Process (sample pictures)
Toner Voltage
Print pattern
Passge DEM Toner Voltage

Passage Discerete Element Modeling (DEM) Print Pattern


Passage Licensing Options:

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