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Passage DEM coupled with 3D Flow

CFD Process Modeling  for Pharmaceutical  Industry

Since 1985, Technalysis, Inc. has been helping pharmaceutical companies developing manufacturing processes of dry and liquid products.

Technalysis has developed unique computer software tools and experience which extends to a variety of problems in pharmaceutical industry.By using these software tools, Technalysis can:
  • Model the manufacturing process before the first prototype is build
  • Design the prototype process
  • Model the scale-up
  • Design the full-scale process

Technalysis Services for Pharmaceutical Industry

Tablet filling

Tablet Filling

freeze drying process

Freeze Drying Process

  • System analysis - Flow fume collection systems, purified water distribution, filling line
  • Flow with particle tracking
  • Barrier technology - Room flow, hood and box flow
  • Cleanroom design
  • High speed filing
  • Drug delivery devices
  • Melting and freezing phase changes
  • Passage Software can be used with many other applications or can be customized for specific need.


  • Chemicals
  • Fibers
  • Food
  • Glass
  • Liquids
  • Plastics
  • Powders
  • Solids

Benefits of Process modeling

  • By using Technalysis simulation tools, one can study the manufacturing process of a compound early on by:
    • Determining the physical properties of the material from a small sample
    • Modeling and designing a prototype testing tool using simulation
    • Modeling and designing the scale-up version of the prototype to full scale
  • Since these processes require expensive machinery, optimization leads to substantial cost savings during the process design stage
  • Technalysis software tools enable optimizing the manufacturing process in a shorter time and at a lower cost as compared to making changes and testing
  • Technalysis can evaluate available equipment and aid in optimizing for a specific compound
  • The analysis results provide valuable insight to the details of the manufacturing process

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Technalysis' Services for Pharmaceutical Industry

Brochure (.pdf)
Technalysis CFD Services for Pharmaceutical Industry

Passage®/ DEM+FLOW Software

Example: Fluidized Bed Granulation of Tablets
Flow Model - Air Velocity
DEM Model Particles
Example: Mixing of Powders
DEM Model
FLOW Model
Example: Printing of Toners- Development Process (sample pictures)
Toner Voltage
Print pattern
Passge DEM Toner Voltage

Passage Discerete Element Modeling (DEM) Print Pattern


Passage Licensing Options:

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