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Technalysis' CAE Expertise in Torque Converters

Technalysis designs torque converters to meet customer performance specifications and installation space requirements.  Design modifications are established to provide the desired flow performance. Blade shape changes are implemented in the finite models of the three torque converter components.  The flow analyses are repeated and tabulated for comparisons. 

Flow analyses are performed at converter stall and other speed ratios using PASSAGE®/Flow Software, Technalysis'  3-D finite element flow analysis software.

Analysis results are presented in terms of velocity and pressure distributions and blade loading diagrams. 

Any flow recirculation areas (losses) are identified.  

Overall performance parameters for a baseline design are determined. 

The component models are then modified to meet specific performance objectives.  Results are validated using prototypes. 

Technalysis furnishes design services to meet the objectives of your next torque converter requirement by:

  • Evaluating current torque converter performance
  • Establishing blade shape changes for performance improvement:
    1. increased torque
    2. improved efficiency
    3. meet specific torque ratio/speed ratio objectives



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